• Florian's bikes is a French manufacturer of cargo bikes. We have improved theperformance of cargo bikes through the culmination of years of research and experience




  • The "Swiss army knife" bike for all occasions

    40% of jobs in town can be done by bike!
    We fit modular chassis which are adapted to
    your professional needs.

  • A revolution in green transport is underway!

    Made in France 🇫🇷


  • Undertake cycling with

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    Good coffee with a touch of madness.

    Florian's Coffee bikes are traveling coffee-shop bikes that offer delicious specialty coffees prepared with passion and precision by a barista, the coffee sommelier. Since 2014, our objectives have remained the same, to offer you the best possible cup of coffee, to awaken your senses and to make you smile. You can find Florian’s Coffee coffee-shop bikes on our pitches or on event services.

  • When 7 years experience of mobile sales met
    cycle engineering, the result was Florian's

    A bike that has been put through its paces by
    Florian's Coffee.

    Optimised for professionals by our engineers
    Florian's Bikes:

    - Transport heavy loads
    - Integrate specific modules and materials
    - Easy maintenance
    - Few fixed costs.

    • Reinvent your business,

    • Simplify travelling in the city

    • It's possible today!

  • • Reinvent your business.
    • Rethink your travel and services.
    • Be a pioneer of the new mobility​


    Practicality, freedom and peace of mind in the

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